30th December, 2012 Posted by Steve on 2013-06-26 00:49:55 BST

The week between Christmas and New Year can be a bit dull, so I thought I'd liven it up for the people of the quaint old spa town of Scarborough with a Loretta Christmas Extravaganza.

That was the plan, anyway.

Turning up in my full regalia, the bar staff were somewhat bemused, as it transpired that the person who had assured my team (yes, sometimes I have a team!) that it was all booked, sorted, confirmed etc had neglected to inform them. Or the owner. Who was extremely helpful, and even gave the first donation for the selected charity, St Catherines Hospice.


As the pub was full of families enjoying hearty meals, an 8 o'clock start became a half past nine start, but puddings be damned, on I went. I don't think I was too intrusive, mainly because we couldn't find the mixing desk, so it was a truly unplugged night. And by the end of it, truly unhinged. For some strange reason, I still stood behind the mic stand, even though there was no mic.



It turns out I'm quite the digestif, and once everyone was used to the idea of a bit of cabaret with their dinner, we all had a jolly good time. My fabulous team went round with the hat, and were even told off by the folks playing pool  in the back room for singing too loudly so they couldn't hear me, and we easily cleared the target.

Quite a few people stayed even when pudduing was all done, and we managed to party after all. It wasn't the extravaganza I'd planned, but hey, what the hell, it's Christmas!