To Hull and back.... Posted by Steve on 2012-07-09 13:08:02 BST

The Minerva, Hull

6th July 2012

So, with the rain coming down horizontally, at one point I thought the gig on the banks of The Humber was going to be in it, but we soldiered on relentlessly. We're British, after all - it's what we do. A bit of rain wasn't going to throw me, and it's only to be expected in Wimbledon finals week. As are train cancellations and delays, none of which stopped me getting to the venue in time to see the semi-finals of the tennis while setting up.

The Minerva

The Minerva is a fabulous pub with a small theatre inside. They serve a great pint of bitter, which is not my normal choice of beverage on stage (or indeed off), but it was too nice to miss out on the opportunity. Sadly, the landlord Phil was unwell, but as he'd set everything up prior to my arrival, and the lovely landlady Sue was on hand should I have any problems, we let him rest up.

The glamour for the evening was provided by the delightful Sweet V, a young duo with amazing voices, who perform a lot of very contemporary chart stuff (I confess, I only knew one song, and that's only because I cover it myself!) as well as their own material. I was glad I was wearing my flats, as there was no way I was going to contend with their choreography in enormous heels...

Sweet V

And with the Sweet, comes the bitter, which turned out to be very good for my throat, as I discovered when I realised I was playing Bad Moon Rising in the wrong key but still managing to hit the notes. Sweet V and I alternated sets, which not only broke up the evening, what with two very different styles, but also gave the girls the opportunity for a costume change. No such stagecraft from me, I'm afraid... the most I did was take off the boa when I got too hot. But at my age, I think that's enough!

Despite the rain putting off a lot of would-be punters, the evening was still very much a success, raising £160 for local charity Cash for Kids. Thanks to Rob for sorting it all out, Phil and Sue for the fab venue, Sweet V for bringing the age range right down, and the small but perfectly formed audience for their generosity.

Onwards and upwards... a few more gigs in the pipeline, including some very exciting news about headlining Glastonbury.... watch this space!

Oh, and if you're ever passing through Hull, pop into The Minerva and try the bitter... tell 'em I sent you.