GIG 1 Posted by Steve on 2012-01-23 20:37:06 GMT

The Prince Of Wales, London

21st January 



When I first decided to do this tour, I knew where I wanted to start and that's home. The POW has been a second home to me since I moved to London, and so I was delighted to launch the tour from there, and what a night it was...

Dave Gander kicked us off, with Rene Mayr on bass. He played a fantastic set, taking time out from his album launch, and barely flinched when the banner fell on him. No, really, it did. Good egg that he is, he also donated a few copies of his forthcoming album to sell, with all the money going straight in the hat for Trinity Hospice. Check out his website

Next up, Tom Pether from Suzerain blew everyone away with a couple of acoustic numbers from their repertoire. A little dickybird has since told me that this was the first time Tom's played completely solo, so I'm truly honoured. The banner stayed in place this time. Shoot on over to Suzerain's website

Another first, as me old mucker Dave O'Connor took to the stage with his brand new sound and set, which sounded brilliant. So good in fact, I couldn't resist joining him for a completely impromptu trip down memory lane at the end of his set. How we remembered the words after all this time remains a mystery.

Finally, I finished off the night (nobody else wanted to go last, as it means there's longer to wait before you can start drinking). I tried a couple of new additions to the set, threw in a few old favourites, and didn't even have to force the audience into joining in with the more sing-along numbers (they hadn't had to wait to start drinking at all).

All in all, a rather fun night, but most importantly, due to the generosity of the audience, mein hosts Kirk and Nicky, and all the acts, we raised a fabulous £380 for Trinity Hospice, well exceeding the target, so thankyou all!

Huge thanks also to all the staff at the POW, and Ali and the girls for passing the hat around  . You're all magnificent!

Only 99 to go.......